FlightTrack is a GPS utility designed exclusively for MacOS X. It can be used to download tracks and waypoints from a GPS and display them in 3D. Its main functions are:

-    Downloading tracks and waypoints from GPS: Garmin (not USB), Magellan, MLR SP 24XC, Brauniger IQ Compeo, Flytec 5030 or PalmOS device with special software.
-    3D Viewing over the terrain and satellite or map data.
-    Support for opening and writing GPX and IGC documents.

FlightTrack is free software. It is released with the source code under the terms of the GNU Public License. You can get more information about what free software is on the FSF site.



You can download the latest release of FlightTrack (almost) directly here: FlightTrack-0.0.18.dmg (6.3 MB).

You can download the source code on the sourceforge page.

Terrain download

Go on the DEM page for instructions on how to download the terrain data for your area.


You can ask for help by mail or in the forums provided by sourceforge:
Help Forum for questions regarding FlightTrack use. First place to go if you have problems using it..
Open Discussion for anything else.

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