How to get Terrain Elevation data
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FlightTrack allows you to display your flights on top of a 3D rendered terrain. In order to do this, you have to get some DEM (Digital Elevation Model) files of the area where you fly. You can have several set of DEM files and FlightTrack will automatically choose the one that contains the track you want to view. If you don't have a DEM file for a track, it will be displayed over a green grid representing the ground.

A DEM set is made of at least two files: the header and the data file. The header is a small text file (.hdr extension) that contains layout information. The data file is a binary file containing the actual elevation data. It has a .bin or .dem extension.

You can freely get these files for any place on earth from the GLOBE project or the GTOPO project. I recommend using the GLOBE project since you have the ability to download any area of your choice.

5 easy steps

Library folder

You can check that it is properly installed by opening the DEM info panel (Options -> Show DEMs... menu). The panel should display the list with all available DEMs, and a preview picture.

: since the data file ends in .bin, you mac might think that it is a MacBinary file, it isn't, you don't have to decompress it.


GLOBE Project:

GTOPO30 Project: