Version 0.0.18
FT now supports waypoints (download from GPS, edition, no upload yet).
New document manipulation window to manage tracks and waypoints.
Time is now displayed in the local time zone. Another time zone can be selected.
A new Garmin GPS driver was implemented. It should correct ForeRunner 301 issues. Garmin USB GPS are not yet supported.
FT now uses system internet proxy settings when downloading maps.
Numerous bug fixes.

Version 0.0.17
Fixed bug that led to FT crashing at statup when "Loading main window".

Version 0.0.16
Many improvements to maps calibration: calibration can now be performed with 3 points to compensate rotation, fixed a bug that prevented maps calibration on images with a resolution different from 72 dpi, map projection can now be specified.
Full scene anti aliasing support.
Full screen mode.
Fixed bug that prevented units selected in the preferences to be used.
Fixed bug when creating a new color for terrain or track color gradient.
Added an extended range for terrain coloring (to allow color edition for underwater terrain and very high peaks).
New icon thanks to Chris Grantham.
Building FlightTrack from source should be easier.
Application size got a little bigger to help error reporting.

Version 0.0.15
Restored compatibility with MacOS 10.2 (the previous version was not).
FlightTrack can now download tracks from Brauniger IQ Compeo.
Improved display of tracks.
The surface of terrain around tracks can be adjusted.
GPS Communication settings are now saved.
Display is properly updated when changing vertical speed colors.
Improved error handling when downloading maps (Landsat images are not available).

Version 0.0.14
New function: it is now possible to map an image over the terrain.

The far and near clipping planes are now adjusted depending on the size of the track. This should prevent the terrain from disappearing when opening small (hike around the house) or large (long range flight) tracks.
Fixed a bug that prevented files with uppercase extensions to be opened.
Added leading zeros when displaying lat/long.
Improved the precision of latitude and longitude of trackpoints in GPX files produced by FlightTrack compared to previous versions.
GPX files are now output in GPX 1.1 version.
There is still an issue with the 3D view on some (older) computers. It might not be possible to select a leg from the track or have a good display of maps. In this case, reducing window size or enabling "More Compatible Selection" in the "Advanced" tab of Preferences might help.

Version 0.0.13
Fixed a bug that made FlightTrack run unbearably slow under MacOS 10.3.4 (latest update from Apple) on some computers (G3 Ibook with ATI Rage video card for example).
Fixed bug that prevented the elevation zoom factor from being changed.

Version 0.0.12
If you are under MacOS 10.3 or later and if you are already running FlightTrack successfully, there should be no need for you to update to this version.
Fixed a bug under MacOS 10.2 that led to "Save" and "Save As" functions not working.
Fixed a bug where FlightTrack would crash the first time you'd launch it if the "Application Support" folder did not exist.

Version 0.0.11
The GPX file format is now supported for opening and saving tracks.
Fixed a bug (in version 0.0.10) where the tracks downloaded from a Garmin GPS would be corrupted.
Fixed a bug that would lead to tracks with a wrong time for the trackpoints and no speed available.
Fixed a bug that would lead to truncated turnpoints name after opening an IGC file.
When opening an IGC file, the GPS altitude is the one used by default. If it is not present, FlightTrack will try to use the barometric altitude.
It is now possible to playback the tracks.
Support for UTM coordinates. The coordinates of points can now be displayed
in UTM format instead of lat/long. Selection is performed in the preferences window. The datum used for UTM conversion is WGS-84.
Using non latin characters in track comments, pilot, ident and vehicle type should now properly work for both GPX and IGC file formats, yet; since the IGC format prevents non ASCII characters, they will be stripped in IGC documents.
IGC files produced are more compliant to the IGC specification: Non ASCII characters in comments, name, etc, will no longer be saved to the file. In addition, robustness when loading IGC files with non ASCII characters has been improved.
It is now possible to have the track colored as a function of the vertical speed. The color gradient can be changed in the track options.
Fixed a bug that prevented changes made to turnpoints of a track to be saved. For the moment, saving turnpoints is only supported with the IGC format.

Version 0.0.10
Magellan GPS are now supported.
The location of the DEMs file can no longer be freely chosen. DEM files should be in the 'Library/Application Support/FlightTrack/DEMs' folder of your home directory.
Fixed a bug where the user could try to download from the GPS even if no serial port was detected, this would lead to a crash. There is now an error message when no serial port is detected and the download panel is not shown.
Turn-points: It is now possible to define several waypoints along the track and have information about the total length of the route. Turn-points saved in IGC files are read as well.
The interpolation used when creating the 3D representation of the terrain from the DEM files and the resolution of this representation can now be set in the preferences.
Fixed a day rollover bug for tracks that spanned across midnight UTC.
The user interface with the 3D view has been improved: a double click on a track point or waypoint sets the centre of the view. You can now press a key to change the mouse action in the 3D representation (v: vertical, z: zoom, t: translate, r: rotate).
Tracks can be merged when downloaded from a GPS.
FT no longer crashes when there is an error during transfer with GPS.
FT no longer crashes when displaying some DEM files in the DEM info panel.
Improved the view of DEM files in 'Show DEMs...' panel (added color and fixed a bug on the fist column of the image)
GPS communications on the serial port now uses the callout devices (can change behavior when downloading tracks).
IGC files are now terminated with \r\n as requested by the specification
Improved the way rendering parameters are set for the tracks.
Added a button to reset the position and view of the 3D representation.

Version 0.0.9
Fixed a bug where FT would crash with an error message when opening or saving tracks with special characters (such as accentuated characters). Made application-wide change of encoding for strings to UTF8 (except for IGC track attributes).
The selected point in the track can now be seen and selected in the altitude graph.
Fixed altitude graph resizing bug.
Fixed a bug that lead to a crash when opening or downloading tracks with a single point and Garmin 'saved tracks'.
Fixed a potential bug for MLR GPS downloading of tracks between 90E and 180E.

Version 0.0.8
Fixed a bug that prevented the terrain from appearing when rendering is not hardware accelerated (default on NVidia systems).
The polygon offset function can now be adjusted in the preferences. It allows to fine tune the appearance of track 'shadow' over the ground.
Changed the appearance of the window when no terrain is available.

Version 0.0.7
FlightTrack can now display a graph of the altitude along the track.
The altitude zoom factor in the 3D window can now be adjusted.
A track and track point can now be selected directly by clicking on it in the 3D view.
Fixed a bug where downloading track from MLR GPS where points with a longitude between 0 to 180 degrees east or latitude between 0 to 90 degrees south where not properly downloaded.
Fixed a very frequent bug where FT would crash when selecting a track.
Fixed a bug where the name of the track would not change in the menu after the track is saved.
Other bug fixes.
Contrary to what has been written, this version, as well as previous, are not compatible with MacOS X prior to version 10.2.

Version 0.0.6
Rendering is no longer hardware accelerated by default for NVidia equipped systems. This prevents a bug to appear. In previous releases, that bug lead to completely erroneous behavior of the terrain when changing the view. This bug is not yet fixed since I don't have access to such system.
If there are still some issues with the 3D view, you can now set the rendering mode to software in the 'Advanced' tab of the preferences. Rendering will be slower in software.
FlightTrack is now compatible with MacOS 10.1.x.
Fixed a bug where closing a track that had not been saved led to strange program behavior and eventually crashing.
Fixed a bug where FT would crash when downloading tracks from MLR 24 GPS. The application would crash after an unhandeld 'out of range' exeption that was thrown at the beginning of the transfer.
Fixed a bug that prevented pilot name, ident and type from being displayed when opening a track.
Fixed other minor bugs.
Units for speed, altitude and vertical speed can now be chosen in the preferences.
Geographic coordinates are now nicely displayed (also adjustable in the preferences)
Vertical speed is now displayed in the track info.
When a track is downloaded or opened from a file, the view is adjusted to the track size. Tracks are now anti-aliased.
Some cosmetic bugs with the 3D view have been fixed.
The 3D view is now initialized with a default pixel format that should work with any (older) hardware.
Information about loaded DEMs is now available in the Options->Show DEMs... menu.

Version 0.0.5
Dramatically increased rendering speed of the 3D window. Speed is more than acceptable on my ibook 600. Performance will still be very low if there are any panels (or the dock) above the 3D view of the main window.
Fixed a bug that prevented the green grid from being displayed when no DEM was available (the track was displayed over a solid blue background).
The terrain colors can now be edited and are saved when FT is exited.
Enhanced robustness of IGC parsing: some files that would cause FT to crash when reading will no longer do.
FT will no longer crash with an exception "Could not parse C record before B record" when it couldn't find the C record in the IGC file. The date of the flight is now properly parsed from ether the C record or the DTE record. A simple error is displayed if none of them can be found
Fixed a bug that prevented dates and time from being correctly interpreted in IGC files of flights in the years 19xx.
Reorganized source code files.

Version 0.0.4
MAJOR bug fixed that prevented the terrain data from being displayed in most cases. The header was not interpreted correctly. A dialog will appear if the DEM selection was not properly made before downloading (coordinates swapping).
Fixed a bug where the areas that are normally covered by the sea where displayed with a negative altitude.
The area of terrain displayed is now properly adjusted when tracks are opened and closed. It will no longer necessary to quit FlightTrack to clear the whole terrain.
Fixed a bug where FlightTrack would crash when closing a Track.
Fixed a bug that could lead some tracks segments to appear behind the terrain or blinking when moving the view with the mouse. This was because the Z-buffer was set to the lowest bit depth. It is now set to 32 bits for graphic cards that support it.
When a new track is opened or downloaded, the window view is now centered around the track.
Track viewing options can now be adjusted by selecting the 'Show View Options...' item in the 'Track' menu.
A lot of code has been rewritten for a better modularity. This has probably fixed and introduced bugs :)
The settings are now saved in 2 preference files. The MacOS X specific settings are in ~/Library/Preference/net.sourceforge.flighttrack file and the others are in ~/Library/Preference/FlightTrack/settings.

Version 0.0.3
You can now add some information about each track (pilot, machine type, comment) and read the corresponding records in IGC files.
The information about each point in the track can now be seen in the user interface: coordinates, time, altitude, point number and speed (computed).
You can no longer save a track that has not been modified.
Changed some of the handling of tracks. Some bugs when opening/closing/saving are gone.
Fixed a bug where FlightTrack would hang when reading an IGC file. This happened when the file had old Mac (\r) line endings. FlightTrack should now read IGC files with old Mac line endings properly.
Fixed a bug that prevented terrain data to be loaded from any but the first DEM file.
Modified DEM interpolation algorithm to avoid 'lakes' apparition and artifacts along the shores.

Version 0.0.2
Added support for MLR SP 24XC 'Free Flight' GPS.
Modified DEM interpolation algorithms. This should provide a neater view of
terrain when the area displayed is small.
The 'Close Track' menu item is now disabled when no tracks are open.
Added automatic version checking and the 'Check for Update' menu item in the
application menu.
Fixed a nasty bug where tracks that had already been saved where not really
closed when the 'Close Track' command was choosen and therefore strange
things could happen with the remaining tracks.

Version 0.0.1
Initial Release